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NEW!£9.99 for 1kg Pecan Pieces & other Nut Deals!

Delicious, Buttery Tasting Pecan Nut Pieces have joined our nut range and at incredibly low prices as always! Having pecans chopped into small pieces makes them really easy to add to your cereal, porridge, salads or baked goods. They’re available in organic and non-organic and like many of our products now, they’re packed into our biodegradable bags!


Pecan Nut Pieces can be used in a number of ways. From including them in homemade granola bars or healthy fudge to a nut roast. So if you’re planning to make a nut roast this festive season or you’re considering making some homemade fudge to gift to your loved ones – starting with some pecan nut pieces in your pantry will set you up for a fun time in the kitchen!


Looking for a snack that combines some filling and protein-rich nuts with juicy dried fruits? Then try our Berry & Nut Mix 500g for just £4.99! This fruity mix combines Cranberries, Raisins, Blueberries, Cashews and Pecans

The nut savings continue! Get 1kg of Our Chilean Walnut Pieces for £6.99 and Our Walnut Halves for £8.49

Try our tasty almond butter for just £9.99. The almonds are roasted before grinding, giving them a rich almond flavour. Their runny texture makes them excellent for drizzling over sweet dishes – from chia puddings to waffles! Choose from Our Crunchy Premium Almond Butter or Smooth!

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