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Our Best Deals from This Week including 1kg Brazil Nut Pieces for £5.99!

New to our range is our raw Brazil Nut Pieces! They’re crisp and creamy with a delicious mild flavour. They are 100% brazils with no additives, preservatives or added salt. Get 1kg for the low price of £5.99!

Customers have asked for us to extend our sugar range to include high quality, organic cane sugar options. We launched our organic raw cane sugar last month and now we are adding Organic Icing Sugar, also known as confectioners’ sugar or powdered sugar. It’s made from 100% organic raw cane sugar and doesn’t contain any anti-caking agents.

We’re also adding another alternative sweetener, Organic Inulin Powder. Inulin is a high fibre carbohydrate that is naturally present in a number of different plants which is said to promote a healthy gut. It has a low-calorie count with 90% fibre. It has a fairly neutral taste with a subtle sweetness and can be added to your smoothies, protein shakes, hot drinks, baked goods and sauces.

Occasionally we overstock on an item and when we sell these off we clearly state on the listing that these items have a short best before date. When this happens, we sell the stock close to cost value to maintain our zero food waste status which is so important for our environment and climate change.

Currently, we are overstocked on our Organic Turmeric Powder 250g, available at £2.29, Our Organic Cashew Paste 1kg available at £11.49 – both with a best before date of end of 01/20. Lastly, our Organic Canihua 1kg is available at £6.29 with a best before date at the end of this month.

As part of our drive to help reduce food waste on the planet we think it’s really important to share all the information we can to help reduce this. Our products are non-perishable (excluding Smoosh) and have a best-before date as an indication of quality. Products that will go ‘off’ usually display an expiry date that is when the product should not be consumed after. For further details on this please see our article here.

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