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Nuts for Christmas

We’re making these festive season snacks affordable as always – 1kg of Almonds will cost you just £8.491kg Brazil Nut Pieces just £5.99 and 1kg of deshelled Pistachio Kernels (don’t waste money on the shell!) just £19.99!

Fancy adding in something fruity to the mix? It doesn’t get more Christmassy than our juicy pineapple infused Cranberries available for just £7.95 per kg

If you want to enhance the flavour of the nuts you serve, give them a few minutes in the oven! This releases more of their delicious flavour and if you do it shortly before serving, they’ll be lovely and toasty for your guests and your kitchen will smell divine! For details on how to roast nuts, read our guide here!

Mixing in some of our spices or dried herbs with a little oil or egg white before roasting will create a deliciously spicy or herby roasted nut! Almonds are our favourite to roast with a little Black PepperChinese 5 spice or Dried Rosemary. This makes them truly scrumptious and beats a shop bought covered nut for any party!

If time is not on your side in the lead up to the festive season and convenience is what you need, we’ve got roasted nuts to help you out! Get 1kg of Roasted Almonds for £11.49 and 500g of Roasted Cashew Nuts for £6.99

At RealFoodSource we believe healthy eating should be affordable for everyone at all times. We stick to a simple strategy of keeping our prices as low as possible every day to offer our great products at the best possible prices to our customers – old and new. We are not driven by profit. That’s why if you fill your basket we will usually always be cheaper than competitors even after their discount codes have been applied. With #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday around the corner, we thought it a good time to share our blog post again on why we don’t do discount codes. Read about it here!

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