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£6.99 for 1kg Cashew Pieces!

We don’t wait for Black Friday, we provide great prices to you all year round. Bulk food prices change frequently with things like exchange rates and success of harvests and as world cashew prices have fallen, we are passing on these savings to you straight away. Check out these great deals below!

Pick up a 1kg bag of Cashew Nut Pieces for £6.99 or the Organic version for just £9.45

Grab 1kg of Whole Cashew Nuts for £9.49 or the Organic version for £10.99

Cashew Nuts are such a versatile ingredient with their mild taste and creamy texture- they can be sprinkled on stir-fries (or any savoury dish you fancy), blended into homemade nut butters, used in bliss balls or blended into smoothies for some dairy-free creaminess! We are also big fans of nutri boosting our meals when time doesn’t allow the healthiest choice and cashew nuts are great for that. Grabbing a quick ready meal, throw in some cashews from the jar to boost the good fats!

With their mild, super creamy flavour our Ground Cashew Nuts can be used for delightful, light baking and cooking recipes. We like using them as a gluten-free alternative to bread crumbs – as seen above in Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese 

Our Sweetener range has a new addition and this time it’s the zero-calorie sweetener, Erythritol!  This is ideal for those looking to make low-calorie dishes and baked goods or those looking to reduce their sugar intake. Get 1kg for £4.99!

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