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‘Tis the season for warming drinks

A warming latte, flavoured with your favourite Christmas spices is delightful during this chilly season. We’ve got great prices on our warming spices, 2 different dairy-free milk powders to create the perfect milk and a wonderful limited edition Christmas smoosh that pairs perfectly to serve!

Nutmeg is rich and warming at this time of year, it’s an ingredient used in our Christmas Spiced Latte pictured above and is also perfect for grating on eggnog, mulled wine, apple pie and any savoury dishes you want to add a warming taste to. Get a 250g bag of Our Organic Whole Nutmeg for just £8.99 or 250g Organic Ground Nutmeg for £6.99

When it comes to making easy dairy-free hot drinks – we have 2 convenient, cost-effective options for you: Our Coconut Milk Powder (organic available here too!) and our Cashew Milk Powder. These creamy and delicious milk powders are vegan-friendly. They’re practical as you can mix up a batch of milk to make your hot drinks with or add them to a dish whenever you need – no need to worry about wasting bottles of cashew milk or tins of coconut milk if you don’t use it all in time.

Our dairy-free milk powders can be used in a range of drinks. Below are 4 of our favourites from our recipe pages: our Warming Winter Spiced Latte, a Caffe LatteHot Chocolate and a Turmeric & Lemongrass Latte

Fancy a lighter, less creamy warm drink this festive season? Try our Mulled Spiced Apple Juice recipe in our recipe section.

The essence of Christmas rolled into a no-bake cake mix, Christmas 2019 Smoosh! This limited edition Smoosh combines our Christmas favourites such as cranberries and ginger into a tasty, convenient, nutritious mix.  There is no added sugar, preservatives, flavours or nasties, it is simply made with 100% natural real foods and is delicious. Smoosh helps us maintain our zero food waste status by using up stock from the end of our packing lines. That’s why we sell it at cost and is such great value for you to enjoy – mix some into your oats to make a winter porridge, roll it into 10 x 30g Christmas bliss balls for your guests for just 30p a ball or just keep in your bag and pull a piece off whenever you need a snack attack this holiday season….

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