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For those wanting an alternative more-ish chocolate treat that’s loaded with good fats, vitamins and minerals, try our Salted Brownie Smoosh. It smooshes up walnuts, dates, chocolate drops, cocoa powder and a pinch of salt,to create a deliciously chocolatey brownie that you can roll into balls or cut into barsOr simply keep it in its biodegradable bag and nibble on it when you need! 

Love chocolate and/or want a bulk stash (in biodegradable bags!) of really good quality, organic chocolate drops throughout the holidays at a cost effective price? Choose our creamy, delicious Milk Chocolate Drops (35p a standard 30g confectionery pack equivalent) or our decadent 70% Dark Chocolate Drops (32p a standard 30g confectionery pack equivalent). Both Organic! Both so tasty! Both perfect for filling little ones snack boxes without the wrappers

Alternatively if you are trying to cut cane sugar but love chocolate coated fruits and nuts, try our raw coconut sugar chocolate coated range! We cover our favourite dried fruits and nuts in our range from jumbo flame raisins to cherries, organic brazil nuts, macadamias and cashews.  Our chocolate covered dates are just divine at this time of year, think natural toffifee!

Whether you’re having friends and family over for a festive party or you’re looking for a snack to just enjoy yourself, our recipe for vegan herbed cheese here is a winner. It’s dairy-free and easy to whip up! We’ve also got a recipe for gluten-free seedy crackers here to pair with this!  Our recipe section has gluten free, dairy free, vegan, nut free, sugar free, paleo, keto and many other dietary based recipes so you should be able to find real food recipes for everyone.

Two keys ingredients in the vegan cheese are cashew nuts and nutritional yeast. Our cashew pieces are on offer for £5.59 for 1kg and our nutritional yeast costs just £8.99 for 500g! For the seedy crackers get our 1kg of pumpkin seeds for £4.49!

If convenience is key for you at this time of year, opt for our delicious roasted almonds 1kg for £11.49 or roasted cashews 500g for £6.99. These can keep you going during your Christmas shopping or be a tasty snack whilst that roast is a roasting! 

Another snacking favourite for us is Organic Golden Popcorn1kg costs just £2.89 and a kilogram will go a long way so those couch snacks are sorted for your movie marathons!

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