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Porridge Mixes are back to warm you up!

Our Smoosh Christmas 2019 Flavour SMOOSHES UP almonds, dates, cranberries, tart cherries, raisins, goji berries, agave syrup, ginger, cloves and cinnamon to create a delicious Christmassy Smoosh loaded with good fats, vitamins and minerals! 

You can use it in a number of ways (how about a Christmas Pudding Flavoured Porridge?) but we think one of the most enjoyable ways to use it is to roll it into mini raw Christmas puddings and top with our white chocolate, cranberries and pumpkin seeds! 

We’ve created a fantastic value porridge mix containing our delicious gluten-free whole porridge oats, chopped dates for a touch of sweetness and our vegan coconut milk powder for the milk.   

You can simply use Our Creamy Coconut Milk Porridge as it is by adding hot water (or your choice of dairy/non-dairy mylk) to create a simple, naturally sweet creamy porridge. 

1kg of this convenient and nutritious mix will cost you just £4.49. So if you divide it into 25 x 40g portion that’s 18p a serving!  A nutritious, cane sugar free, value breakfast to start the day. 

The great thing about our creamy porridge base is you can add the toppings you love! Whether it’s berries, spices or nut butter! You get to choose!
For our berry combo on the left, try our goji berries, freeze-dried raspberries and golden flax seeds. For a tropical topping try our pineapple pieces, coconut chips and crunchy roasted almond butter! Check out these ingredients, all at great value in our store, below

Goji berries are just £9.95 for 1kgOrganic Freeze Dried Raspberries are £7.39 for 100g and our Golden Flax Seeds are £2.45 for 1kg. 

Organic Coconut Chips are £2.89 for 500g, Our Premium Crunchy Roasted Almond Nut Butter is on offer for £9.45 for 1kg and our Ghanian Pineapple Pieces are just £3.99 for 500g!

Another old favourite that is back in stock this week is our Chia-Berry Coconut Milk Boost Porridge. This combines our Scottish-grown, instant gluten-free oats with goji berries, chia seeds, our vegan coconut milk powder for creaminess and mulberries for natural sweetness!

1kg of this convenient and nutritious mix will cost you just £7.49. So if you divide it into 25 x 40g portions that’s just 30p a serving and it’s loaded with nutrition to start your day the right way!

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