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Our Macadamia Product Range is growing

Our Macadamia range just got a whole lot bigger with two new excellent additions – Organic Macadamia Nuts Style 2 and Organic Macadamia Nut Pieces Style 4!

Why a different style macadamia?
Macadamias are one of the more expensive nuts for us to source so we’ve added two new affordable grades to our range. Our mission has always been to make healthy food available to all and by choosing to stock less expensive grades in addition to our current Organic Macadamias (which are style 0) we can offer cheaper prices on this highly nutritious nut! 

What’s the difference between the styles?
Style is a technical term used to grade the nut. When nuts are cracked from the shell they don’t always come out whole so nut pieces are cheaper to source.  Style 4 Macadamias contain a mix of macadamia halves and pieces whereas Style 2 contains a combination of whole macadamias, halves and a few pieces. Both styles have a wonderfully buttery taste with a crisp bite!

How can you use them?
Macadamias make a highly nutritious snack but that’s just scratching the surface of how to use them. We love roasting them (use our nut roasting guide for this step) and blending them into a homemade macadamia butter which you can enjoy with slices of fruit or on toast. We also enjoy using them as a chocolate topper with inca berries or decorating some wonderfully decadent chocolate brownie bites with them!

Roasting nuts releases more of their rich flavour and you can taste this in our Roasted Macadamia Butter that’s just £13.89 for 1kg. For a chocolate treat, try our cane sugar-free Dark Coconut Sugar Chocolate Coated Macadamias for £4.49 for 200g

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