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Choc Peanut Date Bars

These tasty 3 ingredient choc peanut bars can be made ahead of time for lunchboxes, hikes, or to simply eat when you feel like something sweet. A mixture of roasted peanuts and dates are encased in our 70% dark chocolate to make a chewy centred, delicious treat!

Recipe: Choc Peanut Date Bars

Makes approx 8 small bars


1 ½ cups chopped dates

¾ cup roasted peanuts

½ cup chocolate couverture drops


Preheat oven to 175º and spread your peanuts nuts on a tray. Roast the peanuts for approx 5 minutes until the flavour comes through (be careful not to burn). See our guide to roasting nuts here

Meanwhile, blitz the dates in a food processor until they are chopped finely and begin to clump together.

Once the peanuts are ready, add them to the food processor and pulse through to combine – you want them to remain a bit chunky but well incorporated.

Using your hands form flattened sausage-shaped bars.

Melt the chocolate couverture in a shallow bowl and once melted, dip the peanut date bars to fully coat. Place them on a lined baking sheet or plate and allow to cool fully.

Note: if you are using skinned peanuts, you will find the peanut skins start to come away when roasting, but they will stick to the dates during mixing so don’t bother trying to remove them!


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