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3 Ingredient Choc Peanut Bars & Deals on the Organic Ingredients

A mixture of roasted peanuts and dates are encased in our 70% dark chocolate to make a chewy centred, delicious treat – Choc Peanut Date Bars! Find this easy recipe below, the Organic ingredients and other Chocolate-y offers!

Organic Blanched Peanuts for £5.49/kg and Organic Chopped Dates for £4.95/kg make up the centre of the bars. We coated the bars in our Organic  70% Dark Chocolate which comes in drops – making it easy to melt. Grab 1kg of this premium couverture for £10.65!

We stock a range of high quality, delicious Chocolate Couverture Drops from Single Origin Peruvian 70% Chocolate Drops to Organic Coconut Sugar Chocolate Drops to the Creamy Organic Milk Chocolate Drops

Our newest addition to our recipe section are these tasty 3 ingredient Choc Peanut Bars. They can be made ahead of time for lunch boxes, hikes, or to simply eat when you feel like something sweet.

Sweetened with the reduced-calorie sugar substitute, Maltitol, try our Sugar-Free 60% Dark Chocolate Drops. This chocolate has proved popular with customers as the maltitol used to sweeten this chocolate doesn’t have the unpleasant aftertaste that some alternative sweeteners often have. Grab 500g bag for £5.25!

Use our New Ecuadorian Cocoa Powder for baking, making homemade chocolate, hot chocolate or simply add it to a smoothie. Unlike our Organic Unroasted Cocoa Powder and Natural Cocoa Powder, this has a cocoa butter content of 22-24% making it a much richer cocoa powder.

Our zero food waste status means we always have great deals in our Sale section when foods are close to their best before date.  Grab 500g Organic Popcorn for 99p500g Pineapple Rings for £2.99 and 500g Organic Teff Flakes for £2.99.  Find more deals like this is our Sale Section

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