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Load up for a wholesome March

We share seeds, nuts and other staples we have on offer so you can load up for a wholesome March! 

Pecans are a great source of fibre, vitamin E, B vitamins, manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium so they are fantastic for adding to breakfasts to start your day. Our organic pecans chopped into small pieces make them really easy to pour or sprinkle into your cereal, porridge and even salads or baked goods if you want to get all the goodness later in the day! We’re offering our Organic Small Pecan Nut Pieces 500g for £6.49! Grab a bag now and try them in our spiced granola!

We’re offering our 1kg bag of White Chia Seeds for just £2.99! Chia is high in Omega 3, protein and a multitude of nutrients. See below for how you can use it in a number of dishes!

White Chia Seeds can be used in a number of ways. Whether it’s an egg replacement you’re looking for when baking (like our Green Tea Muffins) an extra boost for your bowl of porridge, quick and easy homemade jam or a natural thickening agent for your smoothie, chia does the job! 

Snacking on almonds is affordable when you choose to buy from us as we are offering our Whole Natural Almonds 1kg for just £7.99! We’re all about offering our products to you at a responsible price (read more on what we mean by responsible here) When we’re not snacking on almonds, we’re using almonds to make our own homemade dairy-free almond milk

Our Organic Red Quinoa is down to just £4.99 for 1kg! It’s naturally gluten-free and a nutritious replacement for rice or couscous. We love creating fresh salads with it or serving it with warm curries!

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