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New Community Packs & Easy Pantry Recipes!

In response to customer requests and our commitment in our blog post ‘help us to help you during Covid-19′, we have now added a range of staple foods to our rangeThese are available in our new Community Pack Sizes of 2kg and 2.5kg. We made the decision to package the new staple foods in bigger packs for highest efficiency, cost-effectiveness and also to encourage community sharing at this difficult time. For example, this is the perfect size for bulk cooking at home and for sharing (responsibly, following social distancing) with your neighbours or the wider community who are supporting those in need.

The new staple foods we are stocking in Community Packs, as of this week, are various types of ricebeans, and lentils and larger packs of our oats, chickpeas and most popular items such as cashew nutssunflower seeds, almonds and chia

Our aim is to simply feed as many people as possible during this unprecedented time and we’ll continue working hard to accomplish this. 

Whilst this is an overwhelming time for many, we want to help ease the burden.

At the moment it may not always be easy to get hold of the types and quantities of foods you would like. Below we share our top tips and inspiration for using cupboard staples whilst making the most efficient use of your fresh produce. 

Easy Staple Recipe ideas…

We’ve also created a series of incredibly simple recipes we hope you enjoy. All recipes are vegan as a base recipe, with simple options provided for vegetarians and meat-eaters to help cater for all.

These recipes contain just four or five main ingredients using whatever vegetables you have on hand. They are very simple and versatile but very nourishing.

Basic Risotto
Easy Lentil Dhal
Simple Bean Chilli
Lentil Bolognese
Homemade Baked Beans
‘Leftovers’ Rice salad
Banana Snack Muffins
Flourless Chocolate Brownies

The newest Community Pack products in stock today are Black Turtle Beans at £6.99 for 2.5kg (perfect for the chilli recipe above), Organic Dark Green Lentils at £7.49 for 2.5kg (great in a veggie bolognese as they hold their shape well once cooked), Organic Red Lentils at £8.49 for 2.5kg (wonderful as the base for dhals, soups and stews!) and Chickpeas 2.5kg for £6.99.

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