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Back in March, we wrote a blog post Help Us Help You During this Difficult Time where we asked you to work together with us to navigate this challenging time. This approach of working together helped us ultimately feed more people and we wanted to follow up and say a huge thank you!

We asked you to please keep sending the positive messages if you had time. We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has sent a positive message to us since posting this blog post. We were overwhelmed by the number of wonderful messages. They have been (and still are) a big source of encouragement for our team. 

We made a promise to you to provide more food staples for bulk cooking and community sharing. We’ve added many different lentils, rices, beans and milk powder to our range. We also provided these staples and many other popular products in new 2.5kg community packs to make them much more cost-effective for you and to help community sharing and caring during lockdown. They are the perfect size for bulk cooking at home and for community organisations providing healthy food and meals for those in need. 

Thank you for understanding the problems we faced, and continue to face, such as longer delivery times, stock shortages and longer responses to messages. This allowed our team to put more energy towards getting the orders out to you and as a result, we doubled our shipment output at peak demand. We were able to ship over 270 tons of food over the past 5 months which as a small team, we are incredibly proud of. Your understanding, patience and positive messages helped us help more people. 

We promised we would not bring in new team members on zero-hour contracts, just to discard them when things stabilise. We have no zero hour contracts in our business and all our new employees have been paid above the Real Living Wage, like all our teamWe also invest heavily in training which includes all our new team members. In addition, everyone in our team is encouraged to contribute and solve problems right from when they join us. It is this one team approach that has made us successful in getting a huge number of parcels out to you in a timely manner, adding many new products and making all the changes required as a result of Covid-19. Thank you to our brilliant team and all our wonderful suppliers.

We asked for your understanding of the packaging we were using that may differ from our images online.  We have been packing foods at volume to get them out to you quickly so we could keep lines in stock and available. Therefore we used whatever bags we had available at the point of packing and what was available to source. Before the pandemic, the majority of our range was in biodegradable packaging but we had to revert to recyclable bags. Whilst we use these recyclable bags, we thought it may be helpful to know that they are LDPE resin code 4 so they can be recycled with other bags at larger stores or discarded in the local recycling bins too. 

Finally, here are some new additions we’ve just added to our range. Grab 2.5kg White Chia Seeds for £7.992.5kg Pitted Aseel Dates for £6.99 and 1kg Whole Milk Powder for £6.99. We hope you are enjoying all the new products we have added to our range. 

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