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We’re all about the almonds this August!

We’re always working to offer you the best possible prices on our products and this week we wanted to let you know that our Whole Almonds 1kg are available at £6.99 and 2.5kg at £15.49!

The Almond is a medium-sized tree of the rose family. These trees produce a fruit and within that fruit is the pit. Inside the pit, is an edible kernel which is the nut you and I know as the almond. Almonds can be grouped into two types – sweet almonds and bitter almonds. Sweet almond trees in Europe are bred by grafting (a technique that joins two plants into one) from bitter almond trees and therefore sweet almond trees carry very small amounts of bitter almonds. We’ve chosen to stock Organic European raw almonds but you will find a tiny amount that will taste bitter (though you will like these if you’re looking for that marzipan flavour!) If you find this taste in the odd almond to be too unpleasant, we’d recommend going for our Whole Natural Almonds

Add a 1kg of Almond flour to your cart for just £8.99 or get a2.5kg Community pack for just £18.99!

Looking for almond products without any skin on them? Try our Blanched Almond Slices 1kg for £8.49 or our Blanched Almond Small Pieces 1kg for £8.99

For a richer more intense almond flavour, try our Roasted Almonds 1kg for £11.49 or our Roasted Almond Butter for £13.49. 

Not sure how you’d use a bag of almonds? Our blog is here to help! Add a small handful to your next stir fry (like we’ve done here) or try your hand at making your own almond milk. If you’ve got a tub of our almond butter, try our Simple Flourless Chocolate Brownies!

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