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Spiced Christmas Butter

Looking for a great homemade recipe to turn into a little gift?  How’s about some homemade christmas butter!

This ‘butter’ is fantastic drizzled over pancakes, melted over a sponge or even added to some oats and nuts to make a quick baked granola.

It’s a really simple festive recipe that uses our melted coconut oil blended with Christmas spices along with our blitzed up dried cranberries. The recipe makes a small jar full but scale up as needed and you can add more or less sweetener to taste depending on how sweet and indulgent you want to make it!  Jar up, share with friends and enjoy over the holidays!



-Melt the coconut oil and mix through all the ingredients. Spoon/pour into a small jar and allow to set. Store at room temperature.

-Melt in a hot water bath prior to serving (for the perfect drizzle!) or simply spread from the jar.

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