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Our NEW Free Nuts Recipe Ebook!

Taking the greed out of food, one ingredient at a time, ensuring healthy eating is simple, fair and affordable.

As promised, we have another new recipe Ebook for you. Perfect to get creative in the kitchen this weekend!

Nuts are such a versatile staple food. Perfect as a snack on their own, mixed with our dried fruit and choc chunks, or added to sweet and savoury recipes. We have a huge range of nuts, available as whole nuts, pieces and finely ground, to cater for all your needs. We also stock both organic and non-organic options.

This recipe book offers a selection of 18 sweet and savoury recipes focussed on nuts as the star ingredient. It also kicks off with a simple guide to roasting your own nuts and making easy nut-milks. The recipes are all vegan and mostly gluten-free to cater for everyone.

There are some new recipes, never before featured on our site… as well as some of our old favourites such as:

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