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Your last chance to grab this week’s offers!
Be sure to get your order in before midnight this Sunday 21st March!

P.s Did you see our new Wee Eco Packs?

This week, we’ve been sharing discounts on the newest community packs – currants and sultanas, plus our goji berries. There is also a great cost-saving on our 2.5ltr Organic Deodorised Coconut Oil

Did you see the launch of our Wee Eco Packs range in 250g convenience pack sizes this week?

The Wee Eco Range strives to offer you the following key benefits:

  • A pack size to suit all customers and price points.
  • The perfect option to trial new products.
  • An ideal opportunity to make up your own mixes and blends of ingredients. 
  • A more environmentally conscious packaging choice.

Have a look and let us know what you think!

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