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This week, we’re bringing you amazing discounts on our 1kg packs of Pine NutsMacadamia Nuts and Jumbo Flame Raisins!

Our Pine Nuts are subtly sweet and buttery tasting with a crunchy texture. Excellent tossed in salads, risotto, porridge and smoothies. Or combine with basil or forage for some spring wild garlic to make yummy homemade pesto. Toast them for an even richer flavour

Our Macadamia Nuts have a delicious buttery, slightly sweet taste and are crisp to bite. High in protein, all essential amino acids, a rich source of monounsaturated fats, vitamin E and selenium. Eat straight from the bag or create your own trail mix, a favourite nut for snacking post-workout. Also wonderful in cookies and other baked goods.

Our Jumbo Flame Raisins from Chile are twice the size of regular raisins and sweet with a soft squidgy centre, kids love them! Also, a good source of fibre, antioxidants, potassium, calcium and B vitamins and are great for baking and raw bar making.

Why not try this easy risotto recipe topped with our Pine Nuts for a super quick supper! This is a wonderfully simple recipe for when you are low on ingredients or have some veggies to use up!

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