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The Wee Eco Packs range is growing… and it’s all on offer!

Taking the greed out of food, one ingredient at a time, ensuring healthy eating is simple, fair and affordable.

Last month we were excited to announce our NEW Wee Eco Packs range in 250g convenience pack sizes… now we are expanding the range! 
There are currently 16 products in the Wee Eco Packs range and this will expand as demand grows. The Wee Eco Range strives to offer you the following key benefits:

  • A pack size to suit all customers and price points.
  • The perfect option to trial new products.
  • An ideal opportunity to make up your own mixes and blends of ingredients. 
  • A more environmentally conscious packaging choice.

The best bit?

For this week only we are discounting every single pack in the range… the perfect opportunity to grab a selection of your favourite ingredients and snacks at the lowest prices.

Here are the newest products to the range… what else would you like to see in 250g Wee Eco packs?

Sun Dried Goji Berries Wee Eco Pack 250g
Sale Price £3.00
Organic Whole Natural Almonds Wee Eco Pack 250g
Sale Price £2.74
Whole Brazil Nuts Wee Eco Pack 250g 
Sale Price £2.50
Organic Dried Apricots (Unsulphured) Wee Eco Pack 250g 
Sale Price £2.24
Macadamia Nuts Wee Eco Pack 250g
Sale Price £6.00

Perfect to use with our Wee Eco Packs of nuts. This baked falafel pie is delicious and very easy to double up to feed more. It makes for a lovely twist on the more traditional falafel balls. It’s filling and comforting yet easy to lighten up as we move into Springtime by adding a generous side salad.

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