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New Wee Eco Packs collage. Over 30 in our range.

With over 30 to choose from… what will you pick?

Just one week ago we had 15 products in our Wee Eco range… and now we have over 30, with even more to come!

What else would you like to see on offer in our 250g biodegradable packs?

Take a look and see what’s new this week!
Which will you choose?

We still love offering products at great prices in larger pack sizes, but our new Wee Eco packs offer the following unique benefits that we think you’ll love too!

  • Packaged in bio-bags that breakdown and degrade into the soil.
  • The perfect snack-size option to trial new products and make your own pic n’ mix selections.
  • Great to bundle up as a gift for the foodie in your life.
  • Greater accessibility with a pack size to suit all customers and price points. 
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