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Special offers on Organic Brown Flax, Whole Brazil Nuts and Pecan Pieces this week.

This week (commencing 19th April 2021), we’re bringing you amazing discounts on our 1kg Organic Brown Flax Seed1kg Whole Brazil Nuts and 1kg Pecan Nut Pieces.

Plus you’ll find this easy recipe for low-carb keto crackers on the recipe blog to whip up with your ingredients!

Flax seeds are incredibly versatile. Add a sprinkle to a salad, soup or smoothie or stir into your porridge… or grind them up into a powder to use as a binder and egg replacer in vegan baking.

Brazil nuts are an excellent source of selenium, even when you add just a couple of whole nuts to your morning snack. Also great chopped and ground in recipes, like the one we’re sharing below

Our chopped pecan pieces are ready to be tossed in a bowl of muesli, porridge or as a yoghurt topper. We’ve also used them in our recipe below for easy keto crackers.

1kg Organic Brown Flax Seed 
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Sale Price £3.49

1kg Whole Brazil Nuts 
Was £8.99
Sale Price £7.99

1kg Pecan Nut Pieces
Was £9.99
Sale Price £8.99

Low-Carb Keto Crackers

Virtually the same as eating a handful of nuts and seeds but a lot more interesting!

Low carb keto crackers
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