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Bought your balls yet? Here’s some ideas for simple snacks.

When it comes to balls… take your pick from the classic Mango BallsMango & CoconutMango Pineapple & Lime and Mango & Passion Fruit

All in 500g packs for easy snacking on the go. We also love adding them to a jar along with crystalised ginger chunks – the perfect pairing!

Or how about our 1kg packs of Pitted Sayer Dates, soft and sweet with a natural caramel flavour. Try making your own energy balls by blitzing soft dates with half the quantity of nuts in a food processor, plus a little cocoa powder or protein powder if you fancy. The mix should soft and slightly sticky and easy to roll into balls with your hands.

You can add all sorts of toppings and mix-ins to energy balls! A great opportunity to grab a few packs from our Wee Eco range to create even more variety. 

dried mango and ginger chunks in a jar
snickers energy balls

pitted sayer dates

1kg Pitted Sayer Dates – £3.99

mango balls selection

Mango Fruit Balls – 500g – £7.80

Mango & Passion Fruit Balls – 500g – £7.80

Mango Pineapple & Lime Fruit Balls – 500g – £7.80

Mango & Coconut Fruit Balls – 500g – £7.80

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