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Extra Special Deals and Recipe ideas!

This week, take your pick from our 500g Organic Macadamias (they make a wonderful base for a dairy-free cheese sauce or homemade milkshake!) 1kg Organic White Quinoa1kg Organic White Arborio Rice and our big bag of 2.5kg Organic Raisins.

You’ll also find below a recipe idea for a simple rice salad that works well with any type of rice, quinoa or a blend of the two …. such an easy recipe for dining al fresco or served cold and packed for a picnic in the park!

Macadamia Nuts

500g Organic Macadamia Nuts 
Was £15.99 – Sale Price £12.99

1kg Organic White Quinoa 
Was £4.99 –  Sale Price £3.99

1kg Organic White Arborio Rice
Was £3.75 –  Sale Price £2.99

2.5kg Organic Thompson Raisins
Was £10.49 – Sale Price £8.99

Simple Rice or Quinoa Salad

Perfect served hot or cold using leftover veggies and any spices to suit. It works with any type of rice or quinoa, or a mix of the two.

Rice salad
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