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Granola Topper

We’ve got something NEW for your breakfast bowl!

Our NEW Seedy Cinnamon Granola Topper has a deliciously cinnamon sweet, toasted oaty flavour with a seedy crunch and chewy dried fruit pieces.

Packed with nutritious seeds, raisins and coconut, and naturally sweetened with coconut sugar and date syrup… our Granola Topper makes for a great bowlful at breakfast or a versatile topping.

Try sprinkling over fruits, yoghurt or even salads as a crunchy topper. Ideal for baking into cakes, muffins and flapjacks.  Our recipe ideas below should give you a little extra inspiration to get started!

Granola Topper layered with yoghurt & berries

How will you eat yours? 

Of course, you can serve it straight up in a bowl with milk, but here are 8 creative ideas to inspire you… we’d love to see what you create! 

1) Pictured above – layered up with coconut yoghurt and fresh berries in equal quantities. Served in a glass instead of a bowl adds to the indulgence factor!

2) Try hot stewed apple or pear, served with a dollop of custard or yoghurt and topped with a generous layer of Granola Topper.

3) Swap in roughly a third of your regular fruit crumble topping for the Granola Topper for a crunchy twist!

4) Toss a few handfuls of Granola Topper into your favourite cookie or flapjack recipe.

5) Love overnight oats and bircher muesli? Stir through a handful of the Granola Topper just before serving for a lovely crispy texture.

6) Jazz up plain ice cream or banana-ice cream with a sprinkle of Granola Topper.

7) Nut butter lover? Try your favourite nut butter slathered on toast or crackers paired with Granola Topper.

8) Or if savoury is more your thing, try adding a handful over a mixed leafy salad or couscous for extra crunch and subtle sweet kick.

P.s If that’s not already enough to tempt you, why not use the Seedy Cinnamon Granola Topper as a base to make your very own epic crunchy snack… add some extra ingredients from our 250g Wee Eco Packs range, now with over 60 products to choose from, starting from just £1.00!

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