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Our vision… Nutritional Equity For A Well Nourished World

Tomorrow, May 28th, is the Annual World Hunger Day created by The Hunger Project to bring awareness to the more than 690 million people living in chronic hunger during an unprecedented global crisis.

The UK’s rate of food poverty is among the worst in Europe.

The Covid-19 crisis has pushed many families into hardship and exposed the severity of the UK’s food poverty problem. Nearly six million adults and 1.7 million children were struggling to get enough food between September 2020 and February 2021, according to a report from the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs committee. (Source)

Food poverty is something we have been passionate about tackling throughout the growth of RealFoodSource and we want to continue raising awareness and adding our voice to this issue.

As well as eliminating hunger our vision sees everyone with access to nutritious food. We are currently offering clearance discounts to our already low prices which is an amazing opportunity to stock up on healthy foods on a budget.

Our vision… Nutritional equity for a well-nourished world.

We also believe it’s easier to make food choices that support your overall health and wellbeing when you’ve got real food within reach. Typically, access to healthy, nutrient-dense food is 4x times more expensive than junk food, leaving many people with nutritional gaps.

RealFoodSource believes in nutritional equity for a well-nourished world. Our mission is to put wellbeing within reach for all and create a ripple effect that outlasts any of us.

We strive to offer a unique range of ‘better for you’ products at responsible prices that accounts for the wellbeing of you as our customer as well as our team members, suppliers and the planet.

With affordable pricing and fast delivery, you never have to tradeoff on health, taste, budget or convenience and can keep real food choices on hand at all times…for yourself or to share.

Feeding people, not a system.

We source superb real foods from farms and suppliers around the world and make them available at the best possible prices online. We only buy from those we trust. We create unique, highly nutritious convenient food products from the same real food ingredients we source and sell.

We work hard to make it easier to avoid overly processed and highly refined foods full of undesirable additives and we firmly believe that healthy eating should be affordable for everyone, it’s why we started the company back in 2011!

Most of our products are certified organic and if not organic, the best conventional equivalent we can find. Organic certification is your guarantee that all due diligence throughout the supply chain has been performed to ensure the organic integrity of both company and product. The RealFoodSource and it’s organic products are certified by the Organic Food Federation.

From who we source from, to how we sell and ship…

We take on the challenge to cut through complexity and streamline every step in a way that maintains quality, increases speed, and reduces price.

Some people say you have to choose between quality, cost and speed…but you just need to know where to look!

To cater to all our customers we offer the majority of our products in three packs sizes:

250g Wee Eco Packs in biodegradable bags – perfect as a refill for your kitchen counter or to try out a product or for making your own trail mix or snacks in the office or on the road.

1kg Pantry Packs – the standard size to stock all your favourites in your kitchen cupboards. 1kg usually fills your refillable large pantry jars and tubs.

2.5kg Community Packs – first launched as a sharing size during the onset of the pandemic. Great for sharing with your community/bulk cooking but also much loved by small food businesses looking for great quality products in larger pack sizes. 

We are committed to offering you the best possible prices at every size!

We thank you, our customers, for supporting our mission. 

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