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How low can we go?

There is a lot going on behind the scenes here at RealFoodSource. 

You’ll have seen that over the last couple of weeks we’ve been promoting many of our lines at clearance prices to make way for new stock, and on this note we have just added many NEW clearance items at incredible discounts… see all the discounted products here, there are now over 80 products to choose from! 

We also shared our vision in last week’s newsletter. 

“We passionately believe in nutritional equity for a well-nourished world. Our mission is to put wellbeing within reach for all and create a ripple effect that outlasts any of us.”

But what does that actually mean for you?

We strive to offer a unique range of ‘better for you’ products at responsible prices that accounts for the wellbeing of you as our customer as well as our team members, suppliers and the planet.

Today we are taking this goal to a new level and reducing the prices of many of our nuts across the 2.5kg Community Pack Range.

We are challenging ourselves to price our 2.5kg nuts at a price point per kilo that is lower than many wholesale companies box/sack/bulk prices. We are streamlining all our processes to be able to offer the lowest possible prices and truly incredible value to you!

Plus… we are lowering prices at a time when world food prices are rising at the fastest pace in over a decade, according to the United Nations (source).

Here’s a summary of our 2.5kg nut prices going forward…

Whole Almonds– was £13.99, now £13.10
Ground Almond Flour  was £15.99, now £15.30
Cashew Nut Pieces – was £9.49now £8.20
Walnut Pieces – was £16.99now £13.90
Brazil Pieces – was £10.99now £9.10
Whole Cashews – was £20.49now £18.10
Pecan Pieces – was £21.35now £19.30
Organic Whole Almonds – was £29.99, now £26.20
Blanched Peanuts – was £7.99, now £6.70
Redskin Peanuts – was £6.99now £6.70
Large Pecan Halves– was £33.75now £28.90
Walnut Halves– was £24.75now £17.60
Flaked Blanched Almonds – was £18.99now £16.50
Organic Cashew Pieces – was £21.35, now £17.70
Organic Walnut Pieces – was £26.99now £16.30

mixed nits in packs

To cater to all our customers we offer the majority of our products in three packs sizes:

250g Wee Eco Packs – in biodegradable bags, perfect as a refill for your kitchen counter or to try out a product or for making your own trail mix or snacks in the office or on the road.

1kg Pantry Packs – the standard size to stock all your favourites in your kitchen cupboards. 1kg usually fills your large refillable pantry jars and tubs.

2.5kg Community Packs – Great for sharing with your community/bulk cooking but also much loved by small food businesses looking for great quality products in larger pack sizes. 

When it comes to the 2.5kg packs, it’s not just our nuts we will be focussing on!

We are currently working to increase our range of products available in 2.5kg pack sizes, all at the best possible prices, to cater for small emerging food businesses and community enterprises. We know it is a often struggle to buy whole food ingredients at wholesale prices in smaller quantities  as often business accounts with minimum quantities and minimum spend put them beyond the reach of some small businesses.

We are committed to supporting these small food businesses and community enterprises that share our values in offering more nutritious alternatives. 

If we are able to offer lower prices, so will many of the businesses who buy our products, making great, nutritious food accessible to even more. This is the ripple effect in action.

Thank you for supporting us as we continue to grow and evolve to bring our mission to life. 

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