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The Best Prices Per Kilo You’ll find!

Our 2.5kg packs are perfect for sharing with your community, friends and family. Or for simply bulk buying your favourite ingredients. 

These packs are also created to cater for small businesses. 

It can be frustrating as a small business owner when trying to find wholesale ingredients, as large minimum order quantities are so often out of scope and mean you are not able to get the best prices.

Or when it comes to storage, maybe there isn’t room available for stacks of stock with the risk of running past the best before date when buying in such large quantities.

Our 2.5kg Commnunity Packs offer our products at the very best possible price point. We now also provide a per kilo price comparison on each listing, making it even easier to see what an incredible deal you are really getting.

Take the frustration out of shopping in bulk with low-priced ingredients, delivered at speed and in quantities to suit you (and your cupboards!)

Most of our nuts are now available in 2.5kg and below we’ve highlighted a few other popular products newly added to the range…

Organic Gluten-Free Whole Scottish Porridge Oats – 2.5kg @ £5.50
Xylitol Granules – 2.5kg @ £16.70
Organic 67% Coconut Sugar Chocolate Drop – 2.5kg @ £29.60
Erythritol Granules – 2.5kg @ £14.00
Organic Pitted Deglet Nour Dates – 2.5kg @ £12.30
Sunflower Seeds – 2.5kg @ £6.20
Gluten Free Jumbo Porridge Oats – 2.5kg @ £4.20

If 2.5kg is too much for you, remember we also have the majority of our products in 1kg Pantry Packs and 250g Wee Eco Packs too.

Something for every pocket and pantry!

All orders over £35 also get free delivery to Mainland UK and next day dispatch with our courier service.

P.s The clearance sale is still ongoing until we run out of current stocks… plenty still available on sale at up to 40% off. So why not have a browse on all sale items!

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