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The lowest almond prices you’ll find?

This week is World Wellbeing Week, which runs through until the end of the month.

What does ‘wellbeing’ mean to you?

We all have a much better capacity to grow and flourish if our mental and physical wellbeing needs are met and it’s defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy”. 

Whilst these specific needs will be unique to every individual, we believe that good health is a key foundation and it’s easier to make food choices that support your overall health and wellbeing when you’ve got real food within reach.

RealFoodSource believes in nutritional equity for a well-nourished world. Our mission is to put wellbeing within reach for all and create a ripple effect that outlasts any of us.

We offer a unique range of ‘better for you’ products at responsible prices that accounts for the wellbeing of you as our customer as well as our team members, suppliers, and the planet. With affordable pricing and fast delivery, you never have to tradeoff on health, taste, budget, or convenience and can keep real food choices on hand at all times…for yourself or to share. 

This is our vision and commitment.

So what does this look like day-to-day?

Let’s focus on almonds as our example…

We sell our almond products in all sorts of varieties and pack sizes and we’ve been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to bring the best possible prices to you.

Our 2.5kg packs of Blanched Grounds Almonds cost £15.30 (that’s just £6.12 per kg), for context, this is way below the price that other brands sell for and in most cases also below companies that sell to trade in 12.5kg bulk boxes!

Almonds are one of the most versatile nuts with their mild flavour and wonderful nutritional profile and one of the most popular in our range. Ground almond flour in particular is used extensively in low carb and gluten-free baking and is also a great flour substitution when baking with kids to add extra nutrients. 

Produced by grinding whole blanched almonds this flour contains all the almond oil goodness. Almonds are a great source of fibre and protein, and contain important nutrients including vitamin E, selenium, zinc, calcium, magnesium and B vitamins, especially folate and biotin (vitamin B7).

Buy a 2.5kg bag of ground almonds and we’ll guarantee you won’t be at a loss with how to use it up!

A quick internet search on ground almond recipes will give you hundreds of results, but here are some of our easy favourites…

You can use ground almonds to make almond milk. Our guide here shows whole nuts, but ground are also effective.

Perfect homemade nut milk in a minute, that will stay fresh in your fridge for a few days. You can easily make other flavours too!

Nut Butters are typically made with whole nuts, but ground nuts work well here too – less work for the food processor. Our recipe linked even used nut paste. Add your grounds almonds, a little coconut oil to create the best texture, a pinch of salt and anything else you desire… how about dates and cocoa for a chocolate spread!

Energy Balls are a long time favourite! Simply add a ratio of roughly 2:1 dates to ground almonds, plus anything else you might fancy (such as cocoa or chocolate chips!) then blitz until sticky and smooth. Roll into balls or bars and then any toppings. Energy Balls are also great for gifting!

Other ideas you may like to try with your ground almonds! 

Use to make delicious cookies, or add as a replacement for half the flour in your regular cookie recipe. Adding to your morning bowl of porridge, overnight oats or bircher muesli for an extra nutritional boost. Use in your nut roasts and plant-based burger recipes. Use as a crispy topping instead of breadcrumbs for your mac n’ cheese plus they’d make a great vegan cheese sauce. Add to your healthy homemade granola bars. Or if you fancy something even more indulgent than energy balls – try these truffle balls!

We encourage you to take a moment, and take action to nurture your own wellbeing in mind and body this week.
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