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Beyond Oats… coming to a breakfast bowl near you!

You’ll know by now we are passionate about sourcing and selling a wide range of high-quality, real food ingredients. 

As part of our range, we already offer a wide variety of oats… but now we are taking you BEYOND OATS!

The Beyond Oats range of innovative porridge blends evolved from our desire to not only ensure real-food is within reach, but also offer a healthy done-for-you solution to kickstart you and your family’s day.

Made with Scottish porridge oats, with each blend packed with double or triple the percentage of good-for-you ingredients than found in most supermarket oat blends.

Incredible value for money, pick from 1kg or 250g packs… perfect for a pic n mix selection or to grab a big bag of your favourite flavour!

Our Beyond Oats blends are perfect served hot, soaked overnight or even baked in a pie dish for the ultimate brunch experience.

Three flavours are currently launched and ready for your shopping basket, with many more to come!

Oaty McOatface£1.25 for 250g
Our light-hearted yet power-packed signature launch blend. Scottish oats teamed with quinoa, buckwheat and teff to jazz up your regular oats and boost your bowl with high-quality nutrition. Simply unsweetened and the perfect foundation to build your own breakfast bowl from any of the ingredients in our shop, or simply top with fresh fruit and yogurt.

Peanut Butter & Raspberry Jam: £2.50 for 250g
Inspired by the classic peanut butter and jam combo, real freeze-dried raspberry pieces are paired with roasted peanut and crumbled mulberry for a boost of sweetness. If you’re a peanut butter lover this is for you. Serving idea – add a spoon of salted butter as you stir up a bowl of hot porridge. 

Black Forest Gateau: £2.50 for 250g We call this ‘bressert’  – healthy enough for breakfast but indulgent enough for dessert! Very popular amongst the taste testers, cherries and dark chocolate rippled with raspberries and mulberries make for a decadent breakfast or snack any time of the day. 

For even greater versatility and choice, you can also buy all of the ingredients separately and make your own versions of our blends. We have provided all the percentages of ingredients so you can see exactly what goes into each mix and see for yourself the quality we have created.

Find all the Beyond Oats range as it grows here!

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