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Strawberries & Cream… not just for Wimbledon

Wimbledon is now in full swing and we have joined the party with a little something to boost your morning and power you up for the day… even if you are not out there on centre court!

Our mission to kick off the Beyond Oats range was to take the flavours you know and love and turn them into healthy breakfast porridge blends.

Strawberries and cream is no exception – the classic flavour of a British Summer, and of course a celebration of Wimbledon! 

Sweet slices of freeze strawberry generously mixed with ‘cream’ in the form of creamy coconut milk powder for a vegan option OR whey protein isolate for a bigger protein punch.
Will side of the net will you choose?

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Whichever you pick, it’s a winner either way with a 250g pack just £2.50 (and a 1kg pack coming in at £8.99)

These flavours also form part of our ‘instant range’… simply add boiling water to your blend and stir until creamy. Perfect for a camping trip or festival snack when you don’t have fresh milk to hand!

We now have eight flavours in our Beyond Oats range, plenty to choose from to create your own winning breakfast combination!

Strawberries & Coconut Cream

Light and creamy with chunky strawberry pieces, mulberry crumble and creamy chopped almonds. This is another blend that will make your bowl blush pink. Perfect for the summertime, served hot or cold, or dressed with extra fresh fruit or yoghurt (or even a dollop of ice cream!) This blend is vegan and made with coconut milk.

This is ‘Strawberries & Cream’s’ protein packed cousin. Boosted with creamy whey isolate protein powder and stirred through with mulberries and almonds to create a light and tasty protein porridge that will make for a great snack any time of the day.

If Strawberries & Cream is not your thing… we have six more exciting flavour combinations already launched with more coming soon!

Choose from the flavours below all at £2.50 for a 250g Wee Eco pack.

Peanut Butter & Raspberry Jam
Black Forest Gateau
Totally Nuts
Goji Chia Pudding
Monkey Munch

Or for those of you who want a plain yet highly nutritious base porridge to make your own, our new ‘Oaty McOatface’ has been flying off the shelves since it’s launch last week…

Oaty McOatface£1.25 for 250g or £3.99 for 1kg
Our light-hearted yet power-packed signature launch blend. Scottish oats teamed with quinoa, buckwheat and teff to jazz up your regular oats and boost your bowl with high-quality nutrition. Simply unsweetened and the perfect foundation to build your own breakfast bowl from any of the ingredients in our shop, or simply top with fresh fruit and yogurt.

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