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Today we have lots more clearance items at extra low prices on offer for you!

Our stock clearance continues as we make way for the new! There are plenty of products available – but be quick as they could sell out at any time.

Newly added to the clearance promotions we have…

Organic Amaranth Flakes:
250g Wee Eco-Pack was £1.50  NOW £1.29 
1kg Pantry Pack– was £4.99  NOW £3.99

Organic Psyllium Husk:
250g Wee Eco-Pack – was £4.50  NOW £3.39
1kg Pantry Pack – was £15.99  NOW £11.99

Dried Chopped Apricot:

250g Wee Eco-Pack – was £1.45  NOW £1.29
1kg Pantry Pack – was £4.75  NOW £3.99
2.5kg Community Pack – was £9.99  NOW £9.29

Organic Cinnamon Powder

250g Wee Eco-Pack – was £5.99  NOW £4.99

Black Turtle Beans:

250g Wee Eco-Pack – was £1.05  NOW £0.99
2.5kg Community Pack – was £6.30  NOW £5.49

Browse the full clearance selection here!

We also have a number of products with short ‘best before’ dates that we are also offering at a discount to ensure there is minimal food wastage, something that we are very pasionate to maintain. 

We know from personal experience that many of our products stay fresh well beyond their BB date, so there are some bargains to be had!

Browse all the short ‘best before’ sale products

Here’s a recipe idea for you!

Grab your amaranth flakes, chopped apricot and cinnamon on special offer then make this breakfast bake!

Swap up to 1/3 of the oats for amaranth flakes, swap in the cinnamon for ginger (or use both) and pack with lots of dried apricots as well as fresh on top if you fancy. You can use any of your favourite nuts of whatever you have on hand.

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