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Chocolatey or Fruity? Take your pick…

With ten flavours of Beyond Oats already launched, you’d be forgiven thinking we’d be stopping there… but no! Today we have another two new flavours for you to try. 

Then next week the team will be back in the ‘Creation Station’ developing more new flavours to launch in coming weeks… so if there is a flavour combo you’d love to see, please do let us know! We are always listening and open to exploring.

Today we have one for the tropical fruity fans AND one for the chocolate lovers. 

Both of these blends work so well as both hot porridge and overnight oats. 

With Mango Mayhem overnight oats, it’s best to use warm liquid (milk or even water) for the blend to fully activate the creaminess of the coconut milk powder as you stir it through, once cool keep in the fridge in the usual way ready to serve.

Double Choc & Nut offers both our delicious cocoa powder and chunky bites of dark chocolate, which will melt through for extra richness if you serve hot, or stay chunky if serving chilled. Crunchy almonds perfect this wonderfully indulgent blend and add a boost of nutrition.

Try topping either blend with fresh fruit or yoghurt for extra deliciousness.

Mango Mayhem

Taste the tropics with this dreamy, creamy flavour combination. Refreshing mango complimented with smooth banana and creamy cashew nibs all blended with coconut milk for a silky breakfast hit. This mix makes the perfect overnight oats and a great base for fresh fruit and yoghurt too.

Double Choc & Nut

If indulgence is your bag, we have you covered. A comforting double chocolate hit with cocoa and dark chocolate chunks – try serving hot for a melty pudding texture or chilled overnight for dark chocolate bites. Blended with blanched almond nibs for a boost of nutrition and the classic choc and nut texture we all know and love.

Perfect Peach & Mango

Take one serving of Mango Mayhem (approx 70g) and add double the quality of warm milk of choice. Stir well and allow to sit for at least 30 minutes for the liquid to full absorb. Top with a slices of fresh peach and serve in a pretty bowl or jar for maximum appreciation 😉

New to the Beyond Oats range?

Here is our full range of blends so far. All packed with nutrition with an incredibly generous ingredient ratio, low prices so you can pic n mix to your hearts content, and the 250g packs also come in Wee Eco biodegradable bags to help support the environment. 

Choose from 250g for £2.50 or a 1kg big bag for £8.99

Matcha Banana-Rama
Very Berry
Peanut Butter & Raspberry Jam
Black Forest Gateau
Totally Nuts
Goji Chia Pudding
Monkey Munch
Strawberries & Coconut Cream
Strawberry Whey-Hey

Oaty McOatface£1.25 for 250g or £3.99 for 1kg.  A great choice for those of you who want a plain yet highly nutritious multi-flake base porridge to make your own.

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