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nibbed nuts and porridge

We’ve been busy in the Beyond Oats Kitchen!

This week has been an exciting one behind the scenes creating even more new porridge blends for you to try!

We have a variety of fruity, healthy and indulgent options to tempt you with and we’ll be launching them over the next few weeks. Now we’re already thinking ahead to Autumn and all the fun, cosy flavours we could create, but in the mean time let’s embrace summer a little longer and get our overnight oats on.

New to overnight oats?

We shared this blog post last week with lots of top tips to make the best ever overnight oats with our blends. Helping make mornings move that bit quicker!

Here’s a teaser to keep you going… two of the flavours we’ll be launching in the next few days – can you guess what they are?

Find all the Beyond Oats range as it grows here!

Chopped Nibbed Nuts…

Many of our Beyond Oats blends feature our new nibbed nuts (small chopped nut pieces) and they are the perfect size for mixing into porridge… but also cookies and crumbles, or sprinkling over cupcakes or even tossing into salads and stir-fries!

Our chopped hazelnuts and peanuts are also toasted giving them a deep rich flavour.  All available in small 250g Wee Eco Packs (perfect for your pantry) or larger 1kg bags.

Take your pick below…

Special Clearance Lines…

Remember we still have loads of clearance lines at extra special prices, take a peek and see what you can find to jazz up your Beyond Oats breakfast bowls!

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