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Super Seedy & Blueberry Hazelnut Cream ready and waiting for you!

Please join us in welcoming the two newest blends to the Beyond Oats range!

Last week saw us explore and create many new flavours and we are excited to bring you more blends in coming weeks.

First up we have Super Seedyand Blueberry Hazelnut Cream

All our Beyond Oats blends are available in 250g Biodegradable Wee Eco Packs, as well as large 1kg packs.

The small pack sizes mean you can buy a selection of products at great low prices but also means you can test most of our products and porridge blends in small sizes, minimising waste if you don’t use it in time or if you’d prefer another variety.

Find all the Beyond Oats range as it grows here!

Super Seedy
Beyond Oats Blend
250g & 1kg packs
From £2.50

This is Totally Nuts twin sister! If you loved our nutty blend, give Super Seedy a try! Or for a bit of a twist, mix both together for an even more nutritionally dense breakfast. This is one of our ‘base blends’ offering a neutral flavour and packing in great texture, with a touch of sweetness from the mulberry. The perfect foundation for any toppings you fancy… so here’s an invitation to go a little crazy!

Blueberry Hazelnut Cream
Beyond Oats Blend
250g & 1kg packs 
From £2.50

Fruity yet nutty, a subtle and moreish flavour blend with a lovely creamy backdrop courtesy of the coconut milk.  Big on blueberries that will turn your breakfast blue, teamed with toasted hazelnut nibs and mulberry crumble for great depth of flavour and texture. We suggest making hot porridge or using slightly warmed milk for overnight oats to fully activate the coconut milk for the creamiest possible texture.

It’s not just our Wee Eco Packs that aim to help the environment…

We’ve talked before about our aims to minimise waste and even with high levels of planning and multiple processes in place, sometimes stock unavoidably reaches it ‘best before’ date.

But nothing goes to waste! Products that reach their BBE or are sent back to our premises as damaged returns, are sent to feed the animals!

This week we sent some more of our nuts to Knights Mead Animal Sanctuary, a forever home for sheep, hens, ducks, pigs plus a few domestic animals.

They certainly enjoyed our goodies, and we hope these photos make you smile as much as we did when we received them! 🙂

There is always more we can do and we’ll keep striving to do better for our health, our communities and our environment.

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