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Another two flavours to rock your week!

Now we have 16 flavours to pick from! (and we’re still not stopping)

If you enjoy something a little fruity to get you going in the morning, you’re in for a treat with one of our newest Beyond Oatsblends… Apple & Apricot.

A chunky blend packed with fruit pieces and pumpkin seeds. This works so well as both overnight oats and hot porridge, and we found the texture is similar for both. This blend could also work well as baked oats or as a mix-in for flapjacks or crumble topping as it’s so versatile!

And for those that are all about a little extra indulgence… Fairly Rocher could be the one to tempt your taste buds. The perfect ‘Bressert’ (healthy enough for breakfast but indulgent enough for dessert!) it earns it’s stripes alongside Black Forest Gateaux, which is currently one of the most popular flavours in the Beyond Oatsrange.

Take your pick from these two new editions…. plus browse the entire range!

Apple & Apricot

Packed with texture from the bright and chewy chopped apricot and the apple chunks. Add pumpkin to the mix and you have a blend full of colour and texture. We kept this flavour base free from added spices so that you can add you own to suit your preference… a sprinkle of ground cinnamon, ginger or mixed spice would be a wonderful compliment.

Fairly Rocher

Another one in our ‘inspired’ range! This time chocolate and hazelnut is the focus of our taste celebration, and what a wonderful combination it is. The great thing about this blend is that served hot it’s a melty chocolatey mix, yet served cold as overnight oats the chocolate bites remain chunky… one blend, two ways! How will you serve yours?

Apple & Apricot… served hot or cold? 
A winner either way!

Fairly Rocher… served hot or cold? 
Choose melty chocolate or chunky bites!

New to overnight oats? 

Read our top tips to create your own!

P.s You may have noticed we’ve been out on stock on some of our Beyond Oats top sellers recently as orders came in faster than we’d anticipated!

We apologise and have working to re-stock as quickly as possible, so hopefully by the time you read this you’ll have the full selection of 16 flavours so far to choose from.
New to the Beyond Oats range?

The Beyond Oats range of innovative porridge blends evolved from our desire to not only ensure real-food is within reach, but also offer a healthy done-for-you solution to kickstart you and your family’s day.

Made with Scottish porridge oats, with each blend packed with double or triple the percentage of good-for-you ingredients than found in most supermarket oat blends.

Our low prices mean you can pic n mix to your hearts content, and the 250g packs also come in Wee Eco biodegradable bags to help support the environment.

Choose from 250g for £2.50 or a 1kg big bag for £8.99

Or we have our multi-flake base blend Oaty McOatface at £1.25 for 250g or £3.99 for 1kg.

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