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Open up if you love banana or nuts!

Our latest Beyond Oats blend was met with nods of approval and a resounding ‘Mmmmm’ from all our taste testers, so we think that speaks for itself!

Get your bowl ready for Banana Whey-Hey!

If you love banana and smooth, creamy blends plus are looking for a whey protein boost to kickstart or refuel your day… this one is a worthy contender for kids and adults alike!

Pack in even more protein with a drizzle of nut butter on top. Chocolate drops are optional too 😉

Serve hot or cold any time of the day. We’re keen to prove oats are not just for breakfast… and this blend makes a perfect post-workout snack or mid morning munch. With it’s naturally sweet kick and super creamy texture, you be forgiven for thinking it was dessert!

Banana Whey-Hey Oat Blend Wee Eco Pack 250g

Whilst we have your attention…

We want to take a moment to remind you about our low nut pricesNuts are one of our most popular ingredient categories, and we work incredibly hard to ensure the highest quality for the lowest prices, in varieties and sizes to suit everyone.  

Almonds are a particular favourite and we offer all these almond varieties including…

Roasted Almonds from £3.12

Whole Natural Almonds from £2.49

Blanched Almonds from £3.00

Chopped Blanched Almonds from £2.20

Flaked Blanched Almond Slices from £2.99

Blanched Ground Almond Flour from £2.59

Many of these products also come in organic varieties and in pack sizes from 250g Wee Eco bags, 1kg Pantry Packs… and even Bulk Packs, perfect for a small business!

On the topic of Bulk Packs… have a look at our newest Blanched Ground Almond Flour Bulk Box  – a whopping 10kg for just  £62.99 (that’s £6.30/kg). One of our most versatile nuts and packaged for small business and community use when higher volumes are needed. 

Take a look at all our almond options

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