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Bringing You Bulk!

We are continuously working on bringing down our prices as much as possible without compromising the quality our our products.

We talk about this a lot, but we really mean it!

The 1kg Pantry Packs and 250g Wee Eco Packs are our most popular pack sizes and have been the focus of our attention. But we noticed the larger pack sizes are well suited to small businesses and social projects, who form a large chunk of our customer base.

Welcome to the ‘Bulk Range’… our best ever prices in bulk! 

A range of products – nuts and dried fruits initially – offered in their original packaging from source to cut the price per kilo even further for you!

If you are a small business or social project requiring ingredients in larger quantities, we’d love you check out our range and let us know your thoughts. 

It is our intention to further expand the products on offer and launch our bulk packs on a separate platform soon, so any feedback that we can incorporate to ensure the best user experience for you, our customers, is appreciated.

The Bulk range is sold in original packaging and the guarantee we offer is against the product specification,therefore these products do not fall within our standard RFS60 guarantee. You’ll find full details on each listing.

The Real Food Source will continue to focus on quality with 1kg Pantry Packs and the 250g biodegradable Wee Eco Packs and all our ranges will continue to grow and expand based on innovation and demand.

As ever, we thank you for your support, and as we roll into the new school term and new routines after the summer holiday we hope we can continue to support you daily life with high quality nutrition accessible to all.

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