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Best prices on beans (and more) reduced to clear!

Lots more lines reduced… take a peek to grab a bargain!

You’ll notice our range of dried pulses and rice has been added to clearance.

We introduced these staple foods during the start of the pandemic, with an aim to simply feed as many people as possible during a time when shop shelves were running bare and the country was in isolation.

We pride ourselves in being a small team that is willing and able to pivot and shift for the needs of our customers and the wider market.

The pulses were a move to help cater for customers urgent needs but were never intended to be part of our core offering over the long term. So now we are getting back to what we know best – sourcing quality nuts, seeds, dried fruits and chocolate at incredible prices.

This is also when our community sharing 2.5kg packs were launched to support those in need at a high efficient and cost effective price point. We are now expanding upon the ‘community pack’ philosophy as part of the Bulk Range as it evolves to offer greater choice from source.

This is your chance to grab a clearance bargain as once these lines have gone we won’t be re-stocking them!

Instead we’re pouring our attention into bringing you our Bulk Range of our most popular products at incredible prices, and well as expanding our Beyond Oats range of porridge blends.

As well as all the pulses, lentils and rice, we have more new promotional deals up for grabs including…

Small Chopped Dates 250g – was £1.10  NOW 99p

Chopped Peanuts 250g – was £1.39  NOW £1.10

Milk Chocolate Raisins 500g – was £4.99  NOW £3.99

Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts Stevia Sweetened 1kg – was £5.45  NOW £4.99

Brazil Nut and Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Mix 1kg – was £12.50  NOW £8.99

All with same-day dispatch free mainland UK delivery when you order over £35!

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