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Adding more to our BULK range!

In response to demand we are adding more of our most popular products to our Bulk Range, giving you the very best prices available in larger quantities.

Today we have added:

Organic Coconut Blossom Syrup Bulk Box 10L @ £99.90

Organic Light Agave Syrup Bulk Box 10L @ £87.50

Chopped Dates Bulk Box 12.5kg @ £31.25

If you are a small business or social project requiring ingredients in larger quantities, we’d love you check out our range and let us know your thoughts.

It is our intention to further expand the products on offer and launch our bulk packs on a separate platform soon, so any feedback that we can incorporate to ensure the best user experience for you, our customers, is appreciated.

The Bulk range is sold in original packaging and the guarantee we offer is against the product specification, therefore these products do not fall within our standard RFS60 guarantee. You’ll find full details on each listing.

The Real Food Source will continue to focus on quality with 1kg Pantry Packs and the 250g biodegradable Wee Eco Packs and all our ranges will continue to grow and expand based on innovation and demand.

Check out our full range of bulk of products!


We also have new clearance promotions on all our pulses and rice plus more. Once they are gone they are gone!

The pulses were a move to help cater for customers urgent needs as the pandemic took hold, but were never intended to be part of our core offering over the long term. So now we are getting back to what we know best – sourcing quality nuts, seeds, dried fruits and chocolate at incredible prices.

This is your chance to grab a clearance bargain as once these lines have gone we won’t be re-stocking them!

Instead we’re pouring our attention into bringing you our Bulk Range of our most popular products at incredible prices, and well as expanding our Beyond Oats range of porridge blends.

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