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NEW Beyond Oats and even more products in our BULK range!

Did you spot the teaser in our previous GIVEAWAY image?

It’s the newest addition to our range of indulgence porridge blends… Let’s welcome Snickery!

We’re also launching another new flavour, this maybe the perfect pick as we slowly roll into the Autumn season, or a crowd pleaser for any time of year. Bringing you Apple Pecan Pie, with a generous dose of cinnamon for good measure.

That brings us to a total of 20 Beyond Oats blends so far! 

If you’ve not tried them yet, what are you waiting for? Packed in biodegradable 250g packs, why not try a pic n mix selection of four flavours for just £10. Serve hot or cold any time of the day…. we’re keen to prove oats are not just for breakfast.

P.s there is still time to enter our giveaway over on Instagram for a big bundle of seven of our Beyond Oats range!

Snickery Inspired Oat Blend 250g @ £2.50

Inspired by the classic candy bar. If chocolate and peanut are a winner for your tastebuds, this blend may be your perfect pick. Dates bump up the sweetness whilst providing a subtle caramel backdrop. Just as satisfying for dessert as an indulgent breakfast or healthier mid afternoon pick me up when the munchies strike. For extra creamy nuttiness add a drizzle of drippy nut butter!

Apple Pecan Pie Inspired Oat Blend 250g @ £2.50

This is comfort in a bowl. A breakfast boost or a satisfying supper. Cubes of apple and pecan pieces are blended with warming cinnamon and dates. This is a classic flavour blend as we enter the Autumn season, perfect served as it is, both hot or cold or jazzed up with lashings of yoghurt and nut butter!

On special offer we have our signature launch blend Oaty McOatface

Scottish oats teamed with quinoa, buckwheat and teff to boost your bowl with high-quality nutrition. Simply unsweetened and the perfect foundation to build your own breakfast bowl.

1kg (was £3.99), NOW £2.49

Our BULK Range keeps growing!

We’re adding more new products as fast as we can, as our bulk range continues to prove popular. Low quantities and low prices for small businesses and community enterprises.  

Today we have added…

Organic Sun Dried Tomatoes Bulk Box 5kg@ £35.00

Organic Thompson Raisins Bulk Box 12.5kg@ £45.00

Large Pecan Nuts Bulk Box 13.61kg@ £170.00

Remember, there are still lots of products at incredibly low clearance prices. Have a browse and grab a bargain!

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