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More unbeatable prices on our nuts!

Following on from our last blog with our commitment to do all we can to keep our prices low whilst food prices everywhere are on the rise… we bring you our latest cracking nut offers!

Organic Whole Natural Almonds 1kg @ £13.89
Pine Nuts 1kg @ £26.50
Large Pecan Nuts 1kg @ £13.75
Walnut Halves 1kg @ £8.40

Also available in bulk sizes at an even greater cost saving per kg.

We pride ourselves on being a company that is consciously built to pivot and shift with the needs of our customers and the economic landscape.

At our heart lies the value of putting real food within reach of as many people as possible.

This is what has also driven our recent move to launch our bulk range of products in sizes accessible to small businesses and community sharing groups that would typically be sidelined by standard trade accounts with a high minimum spend and order quantities that are beyond the scope of so many.

Trade prices for all…

All under one roof you can order our popular products from 250g to 25kg… there is quite a literally a size and price point we hope will suit everyone.

Whilst the price per kilo gets even cheaper at the higher pack sizes, since we don’t need to repack in-house, we still believe that our 1kg Pantry Packs are competitive with most trade prices, and the lowest you’ll find on the retail market.

We also offerfree UK mainland shipping on any order on any product size, when you spend more than £35.

That’s it. Simple. Real food accessible to all.

Organic Whole Natural Almonds 1kg @ £13.89

Or you can buy in bulk for the equivalent of £11.50/kg

Large Pecan Nuts 1kg @ £13.75

Or you can buy in bulk for the equivalent of £12.49/kg

Walnut Halves 1kg @ £8.40

Or you can buy in bulk for the equivalent of 7.01/kg

Teaser alert…

We’re excited to announce our two newest Beyond Oats flavours will be launching tomorrow….

Any guesses what this cosy indulgent Autumn flavour could be?

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