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Get ready for porridge season… with another two new flavours!

When creating the Beyond Oats blends there are a few things we aim to infuse into every flavour blend…

  • Fun and creativity
  • Huge nutritional value
  • Unique flavour varieties
  • Easy go-to breakfast options for all the family

With a range of over 20 flavours so far, we truly believe there is something for everyone at an accessible price point.

Today we have another two blends for you to try!

First up… one for the indulgence range, and perfect as we head into Autumn… it’s Chocolate Ginger Pudding (definitely not just for breakfast!)

Or if that doesn’t float your boat, how about the juicy zesty Cherry Marmalade?

Check out our entire range and see what you fancy… at an introductory price of just £2.50, you can grab four bags for just £10!

Take your pick from these two new editions…. plus browse the entire range!

Chocolate Ginger Pudding

Reminiscent of a ginger chocolate torte, but without the layers! Rich and deeply chocolatey featuring both chocolate drops and cocoa, yet the spicy zesty ginger pieces offset the sweetness and provide a wonderful compliment. Hazelnut nibs create a tasty texture and a subtle nutty background flavour for the win.

Cherry Marmalade

A true breakfast blend. When you don’t fancy marmalade on your toast, why not eat it as porridge instead? A zesty concoction of lemon and orange, paired with chewy tart cherries. Sweet and tangy served hot or cold and wonderful served with a dollop of greek-style yoghurt.

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New to Beyond Oats?

The Beyond Oats range of innovative porridge blends evolved from our desire to not only ensure real-food is within reach, but also offer a healthy done-for-you solution to kickstart you and your family’s day.

Made with Scottish porridge oats, with each blend packed with double or triple the percentage of good-for-you ingredients than found in most supermarket oat blends. 

All just £2.50 for a 250g pack.

At our heart lies the value of putting real food within reach of as many people as possible.

All under one roof you can order our popular products from 250g to 25kg… there is quite a literally a size and price point we hope will suit everyone.


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