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Brazil Nuts… the lowest prices for this week only!

PRODUCT UPDATE… Brazil Nuts and Chia Seeds prices are set to rise!

Currently our Brazil Nuts are available at exceptionally low prices, however, we can only hold these prices until the end of the month.

Our best value pack is 1kg Brazil Nut Pieces at just £7.99

The food industry at large is moving through an unprecedented time of price rise and reduced stock availability.

Rises in energy prices, fuel and transportation costs, import challenges, plus staffing shortages across manufacturing, are all contributing to the difficulties and increases in costs in food supply chains.

Brazil Nut prices have also had a poor crop resulting in prices doubling, and whilst we’ve been holding our prices down for as long as we can, we will need to increase our Brazil nut prices from next month in line with world market pricing.


Our Bulk Brazil Pieces will be offered in this quantity until the end of the month, but we can’t guarantee price or pack size beyond September, so grab them whilst you can!

Brazil Nut Pieces Bulk Box 19.96kg @ £149.50 

It’s also time to stock up on Chia Seeds! Due to a poor crop harvest, prices are likely to rise over the coming months.

Our current best value packs areWhole Natural Dark Chia Seeds 1kg @ £3.75Also on SALE are White Chia Seeds 250g @ £1.29

In other news… Beyond Oats

We now have over 20 flavours in our Beyond Oats range. 

Check out our entire range and see what you fancy… at an introductory price of just £2.50, you can grab four bags for just £10!

Over the last few weeks our ‘berry based’ flavours were storming the most popular charts, BUT now with the seasons turning we are noticing the recently launched Autumn flavours such as Apple Pecan Pie and Chocolate Ginger Pudding quickly catching up.

One of favourites here in the office is Snickery a deliciously cosy combo of double chocolate and toasted peanuts. It’s like having dessert for breakfast (or any time of day!) Perfect served hot or cold… plus a generous drizzle of melty peanut butter also comes highly recommended! 

What’s your favourite flavour?

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