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Great deals on pistachio products

Nuts have long been a customer favourite and we offer a huge variety of types and sizes.

Today’s focus is pistachio… pieces,kernels and butter!

Perfect for baking, snacking, making energy balls or even ice cream… also check out the recipe below!

We have these products on offer at incredibly low prices. Both the pistachio butter and chopped pistachios have a BBE of the end of the year, you can find out more information on best before dates and product quality in this blog post.

Grab a bargain whilst you can, the prices will only be this low whilst stocks last.  

What will you create?

Chopped Pistachios 1kg – was £21.99 NOW £14.50

Our Chopped Natural Pistachio Kernels are rich, creamy and nutty in flavour. An extremely versatile ingredient, perfect for sprinkling on cereals, adding to homemade flapjacks, baklava or paired with pomegranates for a delicious, colourful cake topper.

Pistachios also make great ice cream treats, and work well with roasted vegetables, quinoa salads, stews and curries for some extra crunch and creaminess.

Whole Pistachio Kernels 1kgWas £21.99 NOW £19.99

Our Natural Pistachio Kernels are rich, creamy and nutty in flavour. They are de-shelled which makes them ideal for snacking on straight out the bag, making home pastes and butters or for baking and cooking.  Our pistachios have not been roasted and with 20g of protein per 100g they make a great protein snack!  Pistachios are also a good source of B vitamins, potassium and many other minerals.

Roasted Pistachio Butter 500g – was £11.99 NOW £9.99

Pistachio butter is produced by grinding whole pistachios until a smooth butter is formed. Pistachio butter is a great source of protein and essential fats and minerals. It has a multitude of uses from thickening sauces to making home made ice cream and it also goes delightfully well with chocolate or as a filling for home made macaroons.

Make Your Own Pistachio & Lemon Cake

“This recipe takes the classic lemon drizzle cake and takes it up to a whole new level. The pistachios both in the cake itself and on top give great texture and depth of flavour. This would also work beautifully baked in a loaf pan.” Check out our latest recipe blog.

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