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Low Cashew prices and NEW bulk chocolate products to try!

Cashews are one of our customers favourites… and with good reason, they are one of the most versatile nuts.We sell organic, whole, split, chopped, roasted, butter and paste. In sizes from 250g, 1kg and in bulk boxes.

We are working hard to keep our prices as low as possible, whilst food prices rise across the board, we have lowered our organic cashew prices to give you the best possible quality for the best possible price.

Starting at just £4.99 for 1kg of Chopped Cashew Nuts or £9.49 for 1kg Organic Cashew Nut Pieces.

Plus, our Cashew Paste and 250g Roasted Salted Cashews are on sale too!

Take a look at all our cashew products!

Incredibly versatile…

With their mild flavour and creamy texture cashews are wonderful for making vegan milk, creamy sauces, non-dairy ‘cheeses’ and to simply munch from the bag!

Since they don’t have skins like almonds do, when making non-dairy milk with a high powered blender they often don’t even need straining as the whole nut gets blended in. It’s easy to make a thicker cream, custard or frosting in the same way.

Check out this simple recipe for cashew custard, wonderful paired with apples and pears and warming Autumn spices.

We’ve also got some great new chocolate coated products in 3kg bulk pack sizes. Perfect for sharing with friends, family or within your community…

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