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Even lower prices on pistachios, pine nuts and hemp seeds!

We are continuing our commitment to do all we can to keep our prices low whilst food prices everywhere are on the rise… this week we are bringing you lower prices on these nuts and seeds.

It’s also National Baking Week from the 14-19th October, the perfect excuse to top up your baking supplies with our goodies below and more!

Natural Pistachio Kernels 1kg @ £18.99
Pine Nuts 1kg @ £19.99
Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds 1kg @ £8.75
Organic EU Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds 1kg now back in stock @ £11.89

Check our our full range of nuts and seeds here!

Limited Time Low Price Offer!

Natural Pistachio Kernels 1kg @ £18.99

Delicious, unsalted, unroasted pistachio kernels. Rich, creamy, nutty flavour with a subtle sweetness, perfect for Baklava, flapjacks, ice cream, puddings and savoury dishes.

Limited Time Low Price Offer!

Pine Nuts 1kg @ £19.99

Deliciously sweet, buttery tasting pine nuts with a crunchy texture. Excellent in salads, porridge and smoothies, or combine with basil to make delicious homemade pesto.

Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds 1kg @ £8.75
Excellent in cookies, biscuits and breads, in shakes, soups and stews or to sprinkle onto cereals and yoghurt. The delicious slightly nutty taste also makes them a good choice for making your own hemp milk.

We also have 1kg Organic EU Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds back in stock at just £11.89

National Baking Week…

We’ve always been passionate about providing access for all to good quality whole foods. With National Baking week a few days away, we are all for getting in the kitchen to create your own wholesome meals, snacks and treats.

Baking at home has so many benefits than just eating the delicious creations!

1. Baking stimulates the senses and helps ground us in the moment.

2. It’s a nourishing feel good activity and great for kids to get involved.

3. Baking is creative… add your own special twist to a recipe to really make it your own

4. Baking is an experience to share with others. A great cake can bring a smile to anyone’s face!

Download our FREE Nuts About Nuts Book for more ideas to bake with nuts. Many of the recipes can be swapped with seeds too.

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