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New LOW PRICES on cashews and hazelnuts!

Two new lower priced products, one back in stock and three one-off clearance lines for you today!

Both Organic Whole Cashews and Organic Whole Hazelnuts have been reduced, and available while we stocks at these great low prices. Both in 1kg packs perfect to top up your pantry.

Super to munch as they are, they blend into deliciously creamy organic homemade nut milks, or why not chop and bake into a wonderful savoury nut roast, perfect for the Autumn season.

Organic Whole Cashews 1kg
Was £10.99 NOW £9.99

Organic Whole Hazelnuts 1kg
Was £11.99 NOW £9.99

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Nut Roast Recipe…

Perfect as we roll into the Autumn season.

A classic nut roast is so easy to prepare and can accommodate most types of seeds and nuts. 

Make a big batch and freeze for quick meals, or even have a slice cold a wonderful savoury snack.

We also have milk powder back in stock and oats, chopped peanuts and dark green lentils available in fantastic bulk packs at one-off clearance prices!

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