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Chocolate Coated BIG BAGS and mixes!

We’ve been growing our Bulk Range.

Our recently launched chocolate coated nuts, fruits and coffee beans were a big hit, and don’t forget our 2kg pack of mango strips.

In 2-3kg bulk packs, they are a great size for the needs of small businesses or community enterprises, but also family and friends too. Perfect for tossing into trail mix or as a lunchbox treat.

Plus, with Halloween and the holidays coming up soon, these larger packs offer incredible value for all!

Grab a few of your favourite varieties to see you through the season!

Or you can indulge in all our chocolate products here!

Dark Chocolate Almonds

3kg Community Bulk Pack


Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Bites

2.5kg Community Bulk Pack

Dark Chocolate Brazil Nuts

3kg Community Bulk Pack

Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans

3kg Community Bulk Pack

Milk Chocolate Raisins 

3kg Community Bulk Pack

Or if chocolate is not your thing, our new Organic Mixes in 5kg boxes may be what you are looking for?

Choose from:
Organic Dried Fruit Mix Bulk Box 5kg – £29.49 (£5.90/kg)
Organic Super Mix Bulk Box 5kg – £37.49 (£7.50/kg)
Organic Tropical Mix Bulk Box 5kg – £49.50 (£9.90/kg)
Organic Nut Mix Bulk Box 5kg – £66.89 (£13.38/kg)

Organic Mango Strips2kg Community Bulk Pack

  •  The Best Sweet, Ripe, Tangy Organic Dried Mangoes
  • Drying Preserves the Natural Colour, Shape and Goodness of the Fruit
  • An Excellent Source of Vitamin A and C.
  • Excellent for Baking, Shakes and Smoothies, Added to Cereals, Desserts, Trail Mix or Even Straight Out the Bag!
  • No Additives, Colourings or Preservatives, Just 100% Mangoes

Finally a quick reminder that our almonds are still at incredible low prices. We hold our low prices for as along as we possibly can against market changes, but they could go up at any time.

Check out our entire almond range of whole, organic, flaked, roasted, blanched, ground and chopped!

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