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Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts – supporting the community

Our company vision is “nutritional equity for a well nourished world”. It’s a standpoint we keep front and centre in all of our decision making, particularly over that last 18 months as we’ve navigated more twists than turns that ever before.

We are obsessed with quality and value but also lean into creativity and experimentation in serving our customers in the best possible ways. Decisions are made with the best interest of people and the planet in mind, not just short term business gains.

Sometimes these decisions mean launching innovative new product lines and sometimes it results in discontinuing others.

This week we donated of 200kg of discontinued products to a local Edinburgh charity – Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts.

Empty Kitchens turn surplus food into healthy meals for those who need them. Since April 2020, they’ve provided over a million meals free of charge.

A volunteer movement responding to the COVID-19 crisis, they take food donations and convert them into breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. Community volunteers then package these meals into ‘day packs’ for delivery across Edinburgh. Each and every meal is provided free of charge.

Empty Kitchens goals are to:

  • Serve others without judgement.
  • Look after hospitality workers.
  • Repurpose food surpluses to benefit those who struggle with food insecurity.
  • Abolish food poverty and hunger.
  • Create a community through shared values.

We are proud to be able to do our bit to support such a charity with their ongoing work.

This donation is just another example of steps we take to minimise wastage and overstocks whilst consciously supporting community projects.

We’ve talked on our blog before about our aim is to minimise waste and even with high levels of planning and multiple processes in place, sometimes stock is discontinued, unavoidably reaches its best before date or is sent back as damaged returns.

But nothing goes to waste! If we can’t donate products to charities for human consumption, (such as products that reach their best before or are sent back to her premises as damaged returns) we donate them to the animal sanctuaries to feed the animals.

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