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Nutty deals on National Nut Day!

Did you know today is National Nut Day?

It sometimes seems there is a ‘day’ for everything, but nuts is something we can definitely get behind! 

National Nut Day 
was set up by the Liberation Foods Company as a way to advocate Fairtrade nuts and promote deliciously healthy living. Whilst we don’t focus on any particular dietary preference, we are big fans of high quality, ethically traded nuts. They are such a healthy versatile component of so many snacks, meals and recipes.

We work hard to offer a wide variety of nut types and sizes at the very best prices.

Now our everyday low prices just got even better with these special offers!

Macadamia Pieces 1kg – was £17.99, SALE £14.99

Organic Whole Natural Almonds 1kg – was £13.89 SALE £12.49

Organic Whole Brazils 1kg – was £14.99 SALE £13.99

Large Pecan Nuts 1kg – was £13.75 SALE £12.49

Check our our full range of nuts here!

Macadamia Pieces 1kg
Was £17.99
SALE £14.99

Organic Whole Natural Almonds 1kg 
Was £13.89
SALE £12.49

Organic Whole Brazils 1kg 
Was £14.99 
SALE £13.99

Large Pecan Nuts 1kg 
was £13.75
SALE £12.49

If you’re looking for more nutty inspiration… remember we offer free recipe ebooks using our ingredients…

Supporting the community…

Our company vision is “nutritional equity for a well nourished world”. It’s a standpoint we keep front and centre in all of our decision making, particularly over that last 18 months as we’ve navigated more twists than turns that ever before.

This week we donated of 200kg of food products to a local Edinburgh charity – Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts.

Empty Kitchens turn surplus food into healthy meals for those who need them. Since April 2020, they’ve provided over a million meals free of charge.

A volunteer movement responding to the COVID-19 crisis, they take food donations and convert them into breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. Community volunteers then package these meals into ‘day packs’ for delivery across Edinburgh. Each and every meal is provided free of charge.

Read the full blog post here

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